Bitcoin Investors Club

Millionaire Club

We have a trial group of people from all walks of life that started mid-July 2017 to strive to become millionaires. Our first millionaire reached his status after reaching it on the 3rd December 2017. This is a group that has learnt to trade with the cheaper coins.

A few kind words from our Millionaire Clubs first Millionaire today: You may not realize how dramatically you’ve changed my life, Reuel. I made more than 3 bitcoin pure profit on the 3 sisters just today. Which made me a rand millionaire in my Bittrex cryptocurrency account.

I believe we need to spread the word big time. Paying it forward might be the only way to repay you, because I can’t think of anything else equal to the many hours and unending effort you share your kindness, knowledge and experience with us all – Larry

We, however, require each member to do at least one of our courses and establish a two-way trust between teacher and student before we allow them onto the club.


The Bitcoin Investors Club

This club will be an exclusive club to Crypto Fanatics only. Active participation is required to be considered an ongoing member. We will consider only 10 applicants for the first two months. Thereafter all applicants will have to be placed on a waiting list.

All of the information of all the markets will be continuously shared all the time including Crypto and Penny Stock signals
Members will attend different events from time to time with the requirement of one event once a month
All members will need to sign up with one free gold account and by month 3 have actively bought the smallest gold package
Members will have to have a minimum of $25 contract or bigger signed up under one of the club owners.
Membership will be R1500 per month paid in one of 3 packages: 2 months – R3000, 6 Months R8500, or 12 months R16,500 or paid in either RDD, DOGE or XRP
All events will be considered free unless specified
Every member will receive a Bitcoin Tie
Every member has to apply in person