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BitBuyBit Crypto Trading Courses

Since the introduction of Bitcoin onto the world markets designed as a peer to peer payment system more than 8 years ago, the world of Cryptocurrency has evolved drastically. With the Blockchain industry bringing freedom of payment as well as security to the banks through its Fintech Technology through Ethereum and XRP, we are now buying into the future by getting involved in these assets.

BitBuyBit started 3 years ago as a training company teaching people how to use Cryptocurrency for all its benefits. Benefits are seen already in the following industries:

Online Gaming
Internet Security
Solar Industry
Electric cars
Micro Payments
Adult Industry
Smart Contracts
Online Storage
Social Networking and much more

We have several options depending on what kind of Strategy you want to use:

Scalp or Snatch Trader: Spending short periods of time trading on a regular basis
Day Trader: Lots of time in front of the screen every day
Swing Trader: Log in once or twice a week. More strategy based trading
Position Trader: Not really interested in Trading so strategically enters the market at low prices and looks 6 months to 3 years per trade

As you can see above, we understand that you might have different needs. We help you set up your own account, we show you how to fund it, help you have security on your account ( on an exchange ) that only you will have access too. We show you what technologies you are getting involved in and based on past patterns we help you understand which ones to purchase.

If you want to learn to trade, we have then another 3 different courses you can do to help you do this all yourself. We are not agents or brokers. We only give the training and moral support. As soon as your account is activated you become part of a Whatsapp group in which you will get support from other experienced traders.

Our courses range from a Penny Stock course (R950) which is an introduction to the system and help set you up. This is more for Swing and Position Traders. Our second course is a Bitcoin Beginners course ( R2700 ) which is a 4-5 hour course and its a Theory course. Thereafter you attend a free live trading session to get into the real trading. This course will give you the basic tools to get started into the markets.

Everyone has different needs and goals. Remember this is no Ponzi scheme where someone takes your money that promises you certain constant returns per week or per month. NO market goes up at a continuous rate all the time.

There are more advanced courses therafter which you can view on our website: www.thebitcoinclub.co.za/courses/

2017 was a good year for those who invested in the Crypto markets. We saw a few millionaires and hundredthousandnaires made during the last 6 months.

Please Note: We do not promote tax evasion, you will be responsible at some stage pay Capital Gains taxes when you withdraw to South African Rands. When you are earning good returns, find yourself a good tax consultant who can guide you. Trading is a a risky game and you need to understand and take full responsibility for trading. No guarantees are given as to your profits because circumstances, time available and regular education depend on you.