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Have you heard of Bitcoin and its alternative currencies? If yes, you are probably interested in the opportunities they present. Bitcoin started in 2009 out of the need to produce a unit of value that would be resistant to economic recessions which we have already experienced. Now this store of value has gained momentum to the extent that even schemes, scams and Ponzis take advantage of the opportunity to gain access to your funds. We are here to educate yourself in the process that you can have a store of value which will grow faster than gold or silver.

We have a few courses we present and would like you to read carefully through the details and identify the one you are most likely to benefit from.


A1: Introduction to to Bitcoin & Blockchain: R350 per person (TBB)
In this session, you can setup your Bitcoin account with our guidance, add extra authentication to your account using Google Authenticator and help you understand the basic principles of Bitcoin

A2: Crypto Trading for Beginners: Part 1 Cost: R595.00 Welcome to Crypto Trading  Is it possible to make a living from trading?  Projection Calculator  How many Crypto Coins in Market?  How to get your South African Rand to Crypto?  Let us open a Altcointrader account:  Register  Login  Fica  EFT What is your end goal with the money?  Buy and Hold  Trade To Trade:  Open a new Trading Platform  How to transfer your coins  Practical: How to Transfer Basic Candle Stick principles Indicators  Bollinger Band  Stochastic  Willams %R

A3: Part 2: Trading Strategies: Cost: R595 How to find coins to buy Strategy and Goals Depending on your Strategy:  How to Trade  Buy now, keep  Buy and Trade  When to Buy  When to sell  Practical session Use Bittrex to help you trade on other Platforms This module will be dominated by Practice and more Practice

A4: Bitcoin Penny Stock Traders Price: R975

A5 Bitcoin Beginner Traders Theory Price: R1900

Beginner Trader is a more serious kind of Trader who has a Day Trader or a Scalp/Snatch Trader approach to Trading. Many Forex Traders would look at a one to two percent per day gain but with Crypto, there is no less than 5% profitability on his trade and that is usually less than 30 minutes. We train the trader to make at least 3% per hour and that is a manageable profit to be made. We have 9 modules that cover Trader types, Understanding candlestick basics, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, Channel lines, reading Support and Resistant lines, placing buy and sell orders and how to optimise trades according to your style of trading. You will learn to trade between at least 100 known Cryptocurrencies and benefit from their market spikes.

Trading as a Day Trader on the Bitcoin and Crypto markets is one of the most difficult ways to trade if you do not understand how these markets work and how quickly they change sometimes. Our Traders are all plugged into a Traders Education group on a Whatsapp group where they can get regular updates and ask all the questions they want. Considering that only 5% of Traders make big profits, we teach you to become one of those 5% because even if you have traded forex before you need to become educated on what is really happening as well as when to trade and when not to trade.

A6: Beginners Trader Practical Class: R800
After your Beginners Theory you can join us for the practical experience. This is a one day class.

A7: Bitcoin Advanced Traders Price R4500 ( CODE BBA )

Advanced Trading is for the very serious Trader who has spent time trading for more than 2 hours per day. Take the day trading analogy and add a lot of technical point to this and that’s what makes you feel at home with this course. There are more to this course like Fibonacci trading, Parabolic, Trading USDT and how to combine Crypto strategies with the most important Forex trading strategies. This is a course only for the more experienced trader.

This course includes a certificate of completion and another certificate on completion of successful trades ranging from 5% to 20% per trade

A8 Bitcoin AstroScience 1  (CODE BAS)

AstroScience is for the most advanced kind of trading strategy. It is for the already experienced trader who is making profits already on the markets but wants a more advanced strategy in combining candlesticks, moving averages, Bollinger, parabolics, channels, Day trading, times, seasons, days of good trades, Chinese calendar, Moon phases, Gann Strategy entry levels and more. It is not just a training session but sessions that involve physical research and interaction with the teacher into more advanced trading and signal strategies that have been hidden for at least 100 years or more. See how both farmers and Traders thousands of years ago new when it was going to rain and when it was a good time to buy and sell. Do not miss this one

This course includes a certificate on completion and another certificate on completion of successful trades ranging from 5% to 30% per trade

A9 Bitcoin AstroScience 2  ( CODE ASA ) ( One on One Coaching ) ( This COurse will only be available end of March )

This course will require a one on one approach. You as a trader already is beyond the normal mechanical and technical approach to trading. You have 5 hours a month minimum with the coach on a one on one basis where you will discuss the Indian/Eastern Planetary alignments and how the personalities of the currencies or coins are influenced and how you can take advantage of their market changes. The coach will share all the insight available to date on trading such as gold, silver, USD, Rand, Bitcoin, LTC and their strategies including future trading. Discuss how all the ancient traders and farmers knew what to do and when to do it. Will be available February 2018. Do not miss this class. This will not be a knowledge session but like the first session of its kind, it will be a session with homework and at least take 6 months to complete before mastery is attained.

This course includes a certificate on completion and another certificate on completion of successful trades ranging from 5% to 50% per trade

All of these courses will be available shortly for purchasing and downloading online during January 2018

Please Note: Trading is a high-risk option and even though we present you the safest options for trading you may however not follow the best advice suggested and may lose your Bitcoin. If you are a highly emotional person we do not suggest you trade but follow the options below in the Mining or Buy and hold Strategies we suggest.


Bitcoin Course Dates for March 2018


A10 Beginners Tradeathlon

Trading Marathon stretching over 1-4 days

A11 Advanced Tradeathlon

A12 Portfolia One on One Consulations
These normally consist of a one on one consulation

All courses to be paid in full before the course date. No exceptions. Send a Whatsapp to 0813284999 for more info and banking details